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Protect your digital products

Anti-piracy service for creators..

PriveGuard protects your digital products & copyright works from piracy and illegal re-distribution, so you can earn more & focus on creating

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Stop Losing Sales

01 Stop losing sales due to piracy.

Recoup lost revenues: PriveGuard automates removing pirated and illegal copies of your work from Google/Bing search and file hosting services.

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02 Eliminate illegal redistribution

PriveGuard not only scans common file hosts, but also other popular redistributors (ie. marketplaces like Etsy, Discord servers). Enjoy the peace of mind that PriveGuard has you covered!

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Stop Losing Sales

New feature

Stop Losing Sales

03 Anti-piracy dashboard

View, manage, and track all your products and the links PriveGuard identifies & reports through our quick and easy creator dashboard.

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How It Works

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Stop piracy

PriveGuard will automatically scan, report & remove unlicensed copies of your work from the Internet.


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Proactively defend your work from piracy and eliminate lost revenue, effortlessly.

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Monthly Annually
  • Unlimited DMCA Takedowns
  • Unlimited Google Delisting
  • All Brand Names
  • Unlimited File Host Removal

Get to know about PriveGuard

There are a variety of channels to identify & address online piracy: from DMCA complaints to directly contacting the creators. By leveraging proven scripts, software & processes (honed from our own experience as digital creators), we have been able to achieve a 99% success rate in getting pirated and illegal copies removed. If we ever run into a major violation (for instance, we once discovered a publicly-traded company listing an unlicensed premium font for free download along with their brand assets), we will send it your way with some recommendations/referrals for next steps, as we are not a legal service (see disclaimer below).

PriveGuard makes protecting your assets effortless. When you sign up, you will get

  • A super-simple dashboard to add new assets you would like to protect
  • Quarterly reports of the pirated links that we took down

Its that simple! With PriveGuard, it takes literally no time to protect your creative works.

Creative piracy means big money: just consider the $3.5M settlement over NBCUs unlicensed web use of the Chalet font or the recent $30,000 per day filing by Berthold against Volvo! Even if you are a small / independent designer, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of potential revenue due to piracy. At PriveGuard, we have even found publicly-traded companies using unlicensed fonts from individual type designers.


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